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z370f and Sonic Studio III/Firefox issue

Level 7
I already installed the newest driver that was published today and I thought it's going to fix this, but the problem still exists.
I have Sonic Studio III and I'm using Firefox and the problem is that im losing my audio option's all the time. When I open Firefox everything is fine for a while, but after some time Firefox freezes a video for a sec and audio control doesn't work. Choosing between sound correction works ALL THE TIME, however I can't control bass etc. It just doesnt respond at all. I need to restart my browser or open a new tab (yes, it works lol), and it works again for a while... but it's already too much. I have this problem since changing to Firefox and updating windows to 1903, so I don't know what causes this, but its getting really annoying.
Thanks for all the help so I can fix this issue.

MoKiChU wrote:

Use this thread to update your ROG audio drivers :

Thank you for your suggestion, but I already tried two versions of your drivers and both are giving me the same result with Firefox. I guess theres a problem between FF and Sonic Studio 3, because it's not even showing that Firefox is running in advanced tab. I found old topics and people solved this issue by giving Sonic Studio3 admin rights, however it was when SS3 was standalone, and not it's working thought Store and doesn't seem to work. Do you have any other ideas?
Thanks, XO

Level 40
I can not really help you for Firefox, I only use Google Chrome or Microsoft EDGE / EDGE (Chromium) in absolute, but not Firefox.

MoKiChU wrote:
I can not really help you for Firefox, I only use Google Chrome or Microsoft EDGE / EDGE (Chromium) in absolute, but not Firefox.

Now it seems like Google Chrome is bugged aswell. I tried Sonic Studio 3, Nahimic standalone and different audio drivers- everything fails and stops working at some point. I have no idea whats up, but it look's like Chrome and Mozzila is just losing Sonic Studio settings, but they still work when I'm playing a video from my local disc. Eh...

Level 9
Any particular reason why youre using Sonic Studio and the regular realtek panel isnt enough? What features do you use? I downloaded once and then just removed it 2 minutes later, worthless. And I even have an external amp/dac I like to switch back and forth with. Realtek CP is perfect for the job, and minimal extra asus bloat to cause bugs.

I'm using 2.1 speakers and stereo headphones, Im opening Sonic Studio all the time and changing my settings- bass for speakers (with studio effects) and turning off for heaphones when gaming, however sometimes I'm using bass @headphones aswell 🙂 I really like this app and its very easy to change audio settings, it takes literally 5 secs and Im ready to go. Realtek panel standalone ain't enought and it doesnt offer good presets 🙂