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Z370E with Three Case Fans

Level 7
Hi guys, I'm wondering what the best/easiest way to run my three be Silent Wings 3 case fans is. There are only two true chassis_fan headers on the Z370E. Currently I have one of the intake fans plugged into the m.2 header, but this (unsurprisingly) seems to respond to the temperature of the m.2 drive and not the cpu/overall temperature.

Is there some way that I can reconfigure the m.2 header to behave like the other chassis fan headers? That would be the best solution imo. Barring that, my other two options are:
1) Run the exhaust fan in the cpu_opt header. This isn't theoretically a terrible solution, but it would make cable management a nightmare to get everything in place.
2) Buy a pwm fan splitter. This is the obvious answer, but if possible I'd like to avoid it.


Level 8
Besides getting a fan controller you can control through software I think you got your options. Personally I use one of the new Asus graphics cards with their own fan headers and have the fan blowing the most air to the GFX card hooked up to that.

I ordered a Rosewill PWM fan splitter earlier, it should be here by the end of the week. I'll just have to wait. 🙂