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Z370e 1302 bios update breaks mobo GPT header corruption

Level 7
Motherboard = Z370e

When upgrading the bios to version 1302, it appears to break my motherboard. I get the following error (and cannot boot into windows at all)

[Text] GPT header corruption has been detected, please check SATA mode setting in BIOS
Setup, or you can use [Boot Sector (MBR/GPT) Recovery policy] item under [Boot Configuration] page to recovery GPT header.
After setting up Intel(R) Optane memory or the RAID configuration was build,
SATA Mode selection must be changed to RAID mode to avoid unknown issues.

After some testing I found it will only boot when I unplug my external hard drive.... (never had to before)

There are no issues with my hard drives and didn't have this issue previously. When I downgrade back to version 1105 everything works again and it boots into windows fine. I've never had a bios update brick my PC before...

am I the only one having issues or is this a known broken bios update?

Level 11

Level 7
Edit. Please ignore.

My apologies, I asked a question regarding the GPT failure & just realized I hadn't looked far enough.