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Z370 Formula X: QLED display sometimes read wrong pump speed

Level 7
Not a huge deal but it irks me. Im assuming its a motherboard issue but not sure.

I have a EKWB D5 pump/res combo, have it set to run at I beilieve 40 % but the issue happens no matter what I set it to.

I hooked it up to the W_Pump+ and have that on my QLED display, and its correctly refreshing every 3 seconds, 3852, 3864, 3851, 3844, etc RPM.

Occasionally, randomly, Itll spike up to 16,000+ RPM. I'd be able to hear if my pump ramps up, but it doesnt, so im assuming its a motherboard read error.

The pump speed isnt set to fluctuate depending on cpu temp or anything, I have all 3 settings at 40%.

Any ideas or solutions? This has been a thing ever since I built it in December.