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Z370-E ROG STRIX Gaming, can it output HDR like the gigabyte board?

Level 7
Hello, I can't seem to find answers to this anywhere.. Seems in the description of the z370 ausora ?(SP) gaming mother board from gigabyte they say that the onboard graphics can output in hdr and rec. 2020..

I'm wondering if that is special for their motherboard or if all z370 boards can do it because of the intel cpu?

Both boards have dp 1.2 and hdmi 1.4b

I can't find info on the web if the asus board will do it.. Does anyone know if it will?


Level 13
HDR requires HDMI 2.0a, as a minimum.

Thanks I guess 🙂

Not sure why the gigabyte board can do HDR over hdmi 1.4b because it also has that and claims to do HDR.. Also the PS4 can do HDR over 1.4.. And my GeForce 980ti can also do HDR over hdmi..

not sure you need 2.0a but guess that's what to call the reason..

Just seems like a missed opportunity for asus to omit a feature of the i7 8700k..

I see I reread the gigabyte board, looks like it does HDR over Display Port 1.2.. Which the asus also has..

But my TV only has HDMI so guess that does not matter.. 🙂 Thanks for the help..