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Z370 bios 1301

Level 14
I noticed there is a new bios posted for the Maximus X Apex
Supports raid on CPU for those interested


Level 7
Cool I hope to get some extra speed from my 950Pro Raid 0

Level 14
Keep in mind that with NVME Raid on CPU (2X 3.0X4) you will only have 3.0X8 pcie lanes remaining for GPU's, in reality not a big hit on GPU

Asus borrowed the idea of a CPU RAID control from MSI.
On MSI it is more convenient and faster to tune in 😉
Asus again the binding to the Sata controller even when it is off...

Asus, you again broke something!!! in UEFI now there is no way to see the version of the GOP-driver.
And the Adaptive Mode, how many years do you plan to fix it? that, it is difficult to transfer a piece of code from the BIOS z270?!
I myself fix Adaptive Mode on MB ASUS Z370 (under conditions when switched off C-State, SST, EIST), Asus can not!

Menthol wrote:
in reality not a big hit on GPU

Losing as much as 2 percent of the videocard's performance, crumbs...

Asus partisans, added support Secure Erase for NVMe and are silent 😮

Level 14
Secure erase appears to recognize NVME drives on the PCH but not my Intel drives on CPU

Level 13
Does this BIOS have mitigation for Spectre and Meltdown? If so, and there really is a 12-15% execution slowdown, PCIe lanes may not be the only hit.