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Yet annother overclocking question with i9 9900k and Maximus XI board

Level 9
Guys I recently acquire a i9 9900k with a Maximus XI Formula. I overclocked to 4.9 with manual vcore of 1.275 and LLC6. This is stable across multiple stress applications and games. I am not using 5.0 due to the temperature, since my ambient is 30c with a h150i and 3 IPPC NF-F12 fans. At idle my temps are 38c, intense gaming (Battlefield 1 match) 66c and prime95 26.6 after 30 minutes (hits 195W) 92c, Cinnebench R15 84c. My first question, considering my ambient I think this is relative good result, what do you think? But my real question is my voltage at idle stays between 1.26 to 1.27 sometimes 1.252, at gaming 1.217 to 1.234 and prime95 can drop to 1.172 when hit the 195W mark, so considering all that, I am confused to understand if these drops are safe, since the total range starts from 1.270 to 1.172, almost 100mv. This is ok? I read that the i9 9900k with Maximus XI boards does really have a big vdroop, but I am still confused if something like my results it is ok. Using LLC7 I am only stable at 1.25 and is hotter.

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Depends where you're getting the voltage reading from and whether it's the vcore or VID, however, vdroop under heavy loads such as Prime are perfectly normal. The new Maximus boards use a more accurate SIO voltage sense circuit which is why the disparity underload appears much higher than on older boards.
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Level 9
I am using HWINFO vcore sensor, these values are vcore values, didn't check VID. Yeah I read that Xi series have more accurate sensors, so this vcore values are ok or is better move to LLC7? Thanks!