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XMP Question

Level 8
Hey Guys,
I recently built a computer with 9900K, Maximus Hero XI WIFI and 32gb Tridentz 3200mhz. All I want to do is enable XMP so the RAM is running at 3200mhz (thats it). I don't want to mess with overclocking the CPU or anything just yet.

I noticed in the BIOS when I click on XMP, I get another pop up (regarding MCE) saying yes or no.

My question is if I only want to have my RAM at 3200mhz whats the best way to go about this? I was thinking:

Enable XMP
Click "No" for the pop up (I think MCE goes back to "auto")
save and reset


Enable XMP
Click "No" for pop up
Go to MCE and set it to "disable"

If anyone has any info on the best way to go about this that would be great. I just want to make sure I'm setting this up correctly.

Super Moderator
To answer your question you would first need to understand how MCE works. Have a read from here:
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Level 10
I feel that you're safer have MCE take care of things , personally if you have XMPII available ill apply that as well over XMP.