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X16 or X8 on PCIe

Level 7
Hi Guys,
*I am using two M.2's in DIMM.2 slot on my Asus Maximus XI Extreme on my motherboard. I just want to know if I run two Nvidia 2080Ti's FE on NVLINK will both the Graphic Cards run on X8 or X8+X4? I am pretty sure the cards will not run on X16 as I have configured my CPU PCIe to DIMM.1+DIMM.2.

I know one graphic card should run on X8, don't know about the second one.. Also I have a PCIe expansion bay from MSI where I can attach these M.2's and run on X4 or X8(I'm to sure), but is it advisable to run the GPU's on X16 + X16 and the M.2's on X4 maybe?

Level 13
well yea. that is about right.

the z390 gpus will run 16/8 if using 2. and as far my undestanding goes, speed will drop more the use of 2 nvme.

You can test, is using 1 on the riser card and the other on the chipset compartment and test. That will be nice to see.
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