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X Hero - M.2 nut warning

Level 10
Just letting you know that you should not use the bottom M.2 slot with the included shield, or any other shield for that matter,
Besides the increased temperature while using the shield, the lower nut in which you insert the screw that holds the shield is not fixed/soldered well enough onto the motherboard and will snap out.
As far as I can tell, the nut was only soldered to the board with a flimsy ~0.5mm spot weld.(in layman's term)
A bit disappointing for the price.

Image showing the location from where the nut broke off.

Maybe someone should pay more attention to quality.

Later edit: added another image for clarification

Level 10
@SheradG, the motherboard comes with two nuts and two screws for the bottom M.2 slot.
If you read the description from the image posted by izzyreb02, you will see: "Using the same screws as the M.2 drive" (for the 3D mount)
The fan bracket does it's job for cooling my M.2. My VRM temperature is OK. No need to cool it actively.
And please, if you do not get it from the 1st image, read the whole topic before replying. I DID NOT mount the fan bracket in the 3D/M.2 nut!