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Wireless antenna that came with my Maximus X Hero Wifi-only or Bluetooth?

Level 7
Hi everyone, I use a wired connection for my Maximus X Hero Wifi. Because of this, I am curious is the wireless antenna that came with the motherboard is only for picking up the wifi signal or is it also for Bluetooth? If its only wifi then I wont connect it anymore. If it also is for the Bluetooth signal then I will keep it connected since I use a controller occasionally. Thanks!

Yep-- the antenna is for both wifi and bluetooth

Level 7

Sorry to add to a dead discussion, I just had to say that ASUS support have constantly offered the wrong advice to me on this one. I have a Maximum IX board and distinctly remember official support stating that the antennas aren't for Bluetooth. This was repeated in a support request I made to ASUS recently, the antennas are not for bluetooth - I thought okay the antennas must be etched into the board.

However I just couldn't get it to work, so decided to buy some cheap 3rd party antennas and lo and behold, Bluetooth is working. I can't comment on Wi-Fi - Bluetooth degradation as I have Wi-Fi turned off, but both being at 2.4GHz and seemingly on the exact same antennas..... it seems like they're going down the route of flatly denying they did it 🙂