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WIFI + FANs Problems [FR]

Level 7

To start, sorry for my bad english, i'm french, i will try to explain my problems

First, this is my configuration:

I7 8700K + Watercooling CoolerMaster ML240L RGB

I have two problems:

1) I have a fan hub on my case, with 4 fan on it. When i plug the hub fan on CHA_FAN1 on the bios is not detected. But if i plug one fan of hub directly to the CHA_FAN1 the bios can see him.
The bios can see the Fan Hub of my NZXT case?

2) I have a trouble with the Wifi. I can connect the wifi to my Iphone (modem mode) but i can't connect him to my Internet router. My router is a Freebox Revolution (a box from a french operator)
When i try to connect windows loading and after told me "Impossible to connect you". I try with old and new driver, from motherboard's CD, asus website, google etc, same problems. I try to find the error and i see something:
When i try to connect on the Network center i see the Wifi card come "Desactived" but just 1sec, and after i have the windows error. My wifi is Enabled on the bios, and i check, my box is a AC like the wifi chip.
I update the Bios, same problem
Do you have an idea before buy a Asus Wifi PCi Express Card?

Sorry for my bad english

Thank you so much in advance!

Level 13

1) Depends how that hub is wired. Usually there is a master header that needs to have a fan plugged in, otherwise the board will not see it.

2) Is the antenna plugged into the board?

Hello, thanks for the help,

1) I make a little picture to show you. I plugged the PWM cable to CHA_FAN1, the white connector is a "Extension cable" do you think i must be connect this cable to the motherboard? 😮

2) Yes the Antenna is plugged, really odd trouble!!

Thanks you!!

Level 12
Just a thought , I gather you have entered the password for your WiFi router?
Try it with a direct link “ Ethernet cable” ( I had to do that when I was in France) first.*
Also try the reset button on router.*

Hi Rob,

I'm actually in ethernet cable. The routeur is not new, and he work with all my other computer, phone, video game console, TV etc..
I tryed without wifi password, with MAC Filter etc, nothing happend, always the same error message from windows 😞