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Which fan header should this be plugged in to on my Maximums X Code MB?

Level 7
Just picked up a new Phantek P600S and moved all my stuff from my old case to the new one. The new case has a 8 port Universal Fan Hub Built in. It has three 3 pin headers, four 4 pin headers and that you can use with 3 or 4.

Which fan controller should I be plugging this into on my Maximus X Code? The H_AMP one? Currently only 3 case fans are plugged into the hub and they are all 3-pin and I don't mind them running at max speed. But looking in the BIOS the system seems confused trying to read what fans are connected.

Level 8
You can connect the white connector of the hub to any mb fan header (for example to cha_fan1 header, so you can control all your fans trough changing cha_fan1 settings). It doesn't matter, because this hub has external power through SATA cable, from mb the hub take only control signal. Cons of this method that you will see tachometry signal only from one fan.
English is not my native language, so I'm sorry if I make some mistakes.

Level 7
Thanks! So I should at the very least move it from the H_AMP connector to a CHA_Fan connector?