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Where can I get a newer Realtek Audio Driver than listed in the download center?

Level 7
I have an issue with my audio driver since it keeps crashing when using ASIO.
The listed Realtek driver for my Mainboard Hero XI is which is over half a year old while I can find much newer versions on the internet.
For example on Computer Base Version 6.0.8854.1 or from Lenovo Version 6.0.8777.1.

But all of those are supposedly for specific models and vary widely in size (from 30 MB to 400 MB).
So, can anyone tell me where I can get newer Realtek drivers that will work with my Hero XI that the one offered by ASUS?

Thank you for your help!

Xpoint wrote:
What do you mean?
The newest Realtek UAD driver on Station Drivers is version 6.0.8911.1 from 03/10/2020:〈=en
It lists my ALC1220. The ALC1220 being the first one in the list I'd assume that it is THE newest one.

I see that you linked an HDA driver. Where is the difference? Earlyer in this thread someone said that I need the UAD driver.

I see that the one you linked includes Asio, whereas the above one includes Nahimic 1.7.2.
Does that mean that the above one does not support ASIO?

Here are the differences between those two:

8781 still good and nice punch clear sound you can try but in your case looks like system kinda jam with other sound drivers try fresh install win 10