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Weird Problem BIOS on Hero X with gfx Evga 1080 ti FW3

Level 7
ok hard to explain but ill try here goes..

Just got a new evga 1080 ti fw3, works fine but when i enter bios and change a setting where the computer shuts down cold and turns on EG. voltage change and so on

The computer dont turn on, motherboard leds blinks and shut down, then i have to unplug power cord to continiue...

does this make sense ..

Regards Carsten

specs --

Asus hero X z370 with 8700k, stock
Evga 1080ti FTW3
Corsair vengence 3200mhz 16gb ram
750w seasonic prime platinium - PSU
evga CLC 280 cooler

Nothing more.

Runnign the latest bios 1003 - Motherboard
GFX bios update it selvf via EVGA Precision XOC

Level 13
So these issues only started when you changed the graphics card? What were you using before? Initial guess (and it's only a crude guess based on the sparse info in your post) would be either PSU or you're using a "leaky" display port cable.

i changed disport to hdmi no luck .. could it be graphic card not compatible with hero x motherboard ?

my PSU is brand new seasonic prime 750w..

ok new discovery, when pushing power button pc shuts of ... if i push power to turn on right after it wont turn on led flashes and nothing more and set it self in state where power cord has to be removed...

if i wait 10 secs before i push power button after shutdown it starts without any trouble..

if i unplug gfx card take it out everything works perfect..

Could it be my Pcie SSD there conflicts with GFX ??

Level 13
Sounds more like a psu conflict. A slight delay between power down and power on is normal. The situation you describe, isn't.

The new bios 1003 for hero x boards was cause all thiz fuzz arghhh..

Downgraded today to 802 again!!! but this time cleared CMOS before flash and it worked ..

again thanks for alle the help..

1080ti FW3 / HERO X - Dont upgrade to bios 1003...

Note: i uggraded before i got my graphic card to 1003 so had no clue that this was causing the trouble..

Level 13
That is strange. No other reports of this. Perhaps clearing the CMOS is all that was needed.

could be a bad flash to start dunno i returned the EVGA and gonna get ASUS 1080 ti OC ..

could bad combo of hardware hehe .. PCIE SSD - FTW3 - BAD FLASH 🙂 PSU

and a clear CMOS is always goood. 🙂