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was there Repercussions or addressed disappointment for ASUS WS Z390 PRO motherboard

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Perhaps with data attained from early adopters of e waste adorned,, good relatively a.k.a BINNED early production samples of performance core architecture and if say amd goes bigg-little in some coming sku's and the du-opoly force software to adapt to said hybrids,,, or as the benifit is sythetic to un studied//versed onlookers.. make the best of a bad situation enabling equivalent... to tittle referenced Motherboard on a coming platform weather read blue green or fruit-equivalent powered, the initial 700 series was mostly because blue at least pre Blue D-Gpu was not known to artificiall limit video io bryond the miniumum acceptable Consumer vs specialty field gate, soc, fpga, intellectual proprietary private property avoidable limitations,,,, and last CONSUMER FACING launch of intel 700 chipset weather Z, C, R, W or other designation seems best per core manipulation enabled main strem,,, also a fat chip with 128 cores barely enable able with 6~14 juicy cores with per core manipulation capable platform,,, limits that "smart adjust hard limits based on enabled config" could also be applicable if your not Do-Opoy'd into staying within their guidelines so help them they not help you,,,, or whatever other non existent synthetic though most likely Legal.. sigh .. Capitalistic reasons there not be..... ffs any thing to look forward to in the next few years??????

seeking high clock high ipc on ~6+ cores logical cores HT if its good per core bias if it depends ........

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What is this incoherent rambling about?