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voltage table question for "CPU stand by" with 8086k/Z390 apex/per clock OC/ X53

Level 10
Hello there,

I am running manual vcore with all other power saving functions activated and Svid off/MCE-on (800-5300Mhrz during testing):

My '8086k', Bios v.1302 does misbehave a little if I use "per core overclock" (starting?) with the multiplier x53.

The CPU stand-by voltage, if left on auto, thinks 1,61volt is as a value worth running.
Like permanently, despite the power saving functions...

I have read this out with HWinfo and within Bios itself.
What i usually see is 0,800 up to the standard of 1,050-60 for the maximum non-boost-clock.

If you need anymore information please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

ps This is not a call to consumers to try to recreate this