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Vcore voltage and dram frequency issues in Maximus XI Hero

Level 7
My system is new, been like only 5days since u built it. Was working fine for 2 days but then the monitor displayed "No signal" in screen randomly during gaming I thought it was some issue with the cables but it made me turn off my monitor for every 1-2times in an hour, and bsod eventually.updated the bios, changed ram slots and reapplied thermal paste replacing the dried out one in the aio and disable turbo clock, now I don't face any issues regarding that, temperature idles around 38. Now the issue is whenever I set ram settings to it's original frequency "3200 MHz" using xmp profiles my computer turns on and off quickly and after 2 seconds it starts itself and runs normally, this happens only when I power on the PC for the first time in the day, after that shutting off and turning on is normal. This dram issue has been the same from the start.

When I set the ram settings back to default it boots up right after a single click on the power button, what am I doing wrong? Or the ram settings cannot be changed? Also the CPU I have is a i7-9700k at base clock.. it's vcore voltage is default set to 0.995v should I be worried? I heard the default one was around 1.25 any suggestions regarding this matter would help me, thanks!

Level 10
Hi there,

i'm on the run so in short:

"...what am I doing wrong?" - nothing. it's normal on a cold start basically with certain bios configurations. I think over 20 people have asked this in one form or another.

"should I be worried?" - no, since it is the regular vcore on a "non-boost clock". (yours is 3.6 Ghz?!)

Rgds Carlyle