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VCCIO voltage is little bit high!

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I am using intel i5 9600kf, asus rog strix z390-i gaming. My cpu max temp during continuous 100% load is >66.
I read ASUS motherboard are overvolting CPU. This may be, because bad xmp profiles for ram, which are not guaranteed to run at those speeds. VCCSA i have maximum 1.224. I read under 1.225 it is fine. I am more worried about VCCSIO, which is on 1.312 and max 1,328. I read everywhere different safe values, because it depends on hardware configurations. I want just to make sure if these values are fine?! Thanks.

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sounds like your worrying about nothing imo, theres always going to be fluctuations on voltages none are %100 accurate either

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Those values are ok for this platform and are as such to accommodate CPU with weak memory controllers. If you wish to tune these values to the capability of your CPU, you can do so.
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+1,.. it's all about the quality of your hardware.

On my Z390 system for 24/7 usage I run memory at 3600MHz,.. and having IO/SA set to [Auto] the voltage fluctuates around 1.264V to 1.3V.

I made some adjustments, manually set IO/SA at 1.2 and 1.18V. Everything is good to go, system is quick & stable. You can play around with your settings and see what works best for your hardware.


Silent Scone@ASUS wrote:

Those values are ok for this platform and are as such to accommodate CPU with weak memory controllers. If you wish to tune these values to the capability of your CPU, you can do so.

Problem is there are no official voltages from intel. Probably because it depends also what ram you are using, so if you are using poor ram, it may overvolt vccio and vccsa. So you are relying essentially what someone says on the internet! I read post from one guy, which said: using high voltages for vccio and vccsa made everything unstable. But than second guy said lowering these voltages: caused him delays in getting screenshots and recording gameplay and fps drops. I have no way of knowing, what voltages are good for my cpu...

I have i5 9600kf 4.3 ghz stock and gskill trident z 3200mhz cl16 2x8GB, running at its default timings using xmp profile. It says it is set to 1.35v, but next to it is 1.36 in bios, which is weird. I also had memory training on initially. Not sure if it is good thing, when applying xpm profile. I didn't know about it when i got computer, as it is new feature for me! But i tuned that off...

I also read keep under 1.3v and it should be fine. I read lowering these voltages may cause instability, but it shouldn't damage anything right? So maybe i could try to lower vccio a bit under 1.3v. And than stress test cpu. Because some people say it should be fine, some say it could degrade cpu. And if it is safe - lowering voltages for these, there is no reason why not to lower it, as you have nothing to lose.

Thanks for an answer.

So is it safe to lower these voltages slitghtly?

Also vccio voltage is locked - greyed out in bios. Could it be because xpm profile? However i don't feel like changing timings manually. It may change another voltages, when xpm if off too. Not sure what would happen... I am using foldinghome and cpu is maxed and heating up to 76C, even this is fine. It is like 16C+ than in summer. Plus higher voltages are not good. And i would like to tone down vccio bit!

NEver mind, it actually lets me write there, i think. But i didn't tested it yet, because it may cause boot loops and i can't even find CMOS CLRTC reset switch on my motherboard, it is probably hidden under gpu, or somewhere under something. Can't see it from pictures they are tiny and i don't feel like solving this currently and taking apart pc.

SOLVED from elsewhere, since you can't get answer here...