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usb driver win7 64bit

Level 7
hey folks,
after many years of pc building i purchased my first asus mobo 😉 nice thing !
but neither the cd nor the asus homepage can give me the right driver for my usb ports on win7 64bit
so the ports are completly out of control even though i have 2 usb2.0 ports but they also dont function like they should
i read something about a asm usb driver but couldnt find an appropriate version can someone help me out
thx guys :cool:

Level 7
For Windows 7 64 bit, I took the Z370, USB 2 and USB 3.1 drivers of the Strix Z270-F, and they perfectly work, which is not a surprise as the chipsets and the USB 3.1 module are nearly the same.

In the meanwhile, you can toggle on in BIOS "USB keyboard and mouse simulator" so that you can use your devices to log in and run the drivers installer.*

thank you dude solved the problems i had perfectly
strangely the asmdriver 3.1/3.0 changed nothing for me couldnt disable mouse and keyboard controller in the bios after installation but the intel one immediatly slayed all problems away i dont understand these kind of usb drivers these days 😄

hi, could you tell me how and where you got it please?

Level 14
For future reference
ASUS has a utility to slipstream USB 3.0 drivers into your OS media which makes a trouble free Win 7 install, it can also slipstream NVME drivers if you are installing on a new NVME drive

Level 7
Hello, I am using the current z390 ROG MAXIMUS XI GENE. I have heard that Windows 7 is the best way to use Geekbench 3 though I'm usually using Windows 10. Again, please tell me in detail how to install Windows 7 and what you need. Also, if you can create a Windows 7 SSD, can you continue to switch between Windows 10 and Windows 7 by simply replacing the SSD with the OS in the same mother? Please forgive me that it may be difficult to understand by translating from Japanese

Level 11
u don't. That board does not have (official) driver support for anything other than Windows 10. BTW nice 2 year old thread necro

Level 7
Whether Mr. Menthol is familiar ...