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USB 3.0 flash drive unreadable or reads slowly in front panel one USB 3.0 port

Level 8
I have a Z390 Maximus XI Hero Wi-Fi motherboard. My USB 3.0 flash drive isn't working in the left front USB 3.0 port connected to the internal header on this motherboard and I have already RMA'ed this motherboard with Newegg and exchanged and this did not resolve the issue. With the original motherboard and Silverstone PSU, the USB 3.0 flash drive kept disconnecting repeatedly in the left USB 3.0 port but after exchange with Newegg and upgrading to Seasonic Prime PSU it still has the same problem except that it doesn't disconnect and reconnect but the flash drive is still unreadable or reads very slowly. The write speed in still normal in CrystalDiskMark. The right front USB 3.0 port has no issues at all. The front panel uses the Intel USB 3.1 Gen 1 controller. The USB flash drive LED sometimes keeps blinking endlessly when plugged into the left front USB 3.0 port. The problem only occurs in the left USB 3.0 port and only with USB 3.0 flash drives. It doesn't happen when using a USB 3.0 external desktop hard drive that is powered by an external 12V power supply. I don't have a portable bus powered hard drive.
Left USB 3.0 Port
Right USB 3.0 Port
Can anyone with the same motherboard try to reproduce the issue by plugging a USB 3.0 flash drive in each front panel USB 3.0 port and running the disk test each time to see if there is a design flaw in this board before I do another RMA?

You might have a faulty header cable.
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