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Upgrading to i7 9700K BIOS question

Level 7
I currently have the ASUS Z370-F Gaming motherboard and an i5 8600K CPU. I am planning to replace this CPU with an i7 9700K.

I can see on ASUS support that it's compatible with the correct BIOS

Now this is where I am a little confused, that link so it's ok if the BIOS is above 1803, my version is 2201 so all good so far. But it says the latest version is 2401.

Does this mean I can update to that AFTER I have installed the 9700K? 2201 is the latest available one I can see when updating using the online update in the UEFI. Or do I need to download and install manually from a USB stick BEFORE I upgrade the CPU?

Sorry, a little confused!