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Unable to access bios with keyboards on a Maximus X Hero [Resolved]

Level 7
As the title suggests, I am unable to access bios using the DEL or F2 with 4 keyboards on a Maximus X Hero.
Trying to acess bios pressing DEL or F2 from the "beep" the system goes on & loads to the windows desktop.

The only way I can acess bios is by clicking the following:
Windows Settings / Update & Security / Recovery / Restart Now.

Once it does its minor restart, the computer goes in to "Choose an option" menu.

I then have to click Trouble Shoot / UEFI Firmware Settings / "Restart" to change UEFI Firmware Settings.

The pc restarts into bios. Once in to bios, I am only able to use a USB Mouse to navigate through bios. I am not able to input any values. Even trying 4 different keyboards through 4 seperate restarts into bios, using the method above.

I did realise that I was using the previous version bios, so I have updated to the latest version thinking "preying" this would fix the problem. NOOP!!! it did not.

If anyone is able to offer any suggestions, or shed some light for me, it would be hugely appreciated.


Level 7
I've sorted the problem & have it working.

AussieJunior wrote:
I've sorted the problem & have it working.


, ca you tell me what is the solution, thanks !