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Two Nvme Maximus X question

Level 7
Hey all
I have a Maximus X hero (Z370)
Currently using one 980 1tb nvme in the bottom slot, but I want to reinstall windows and have windows running on
its own little nvme for the top slot, thinking a 250gb 980, whilst all my games run on the 1tb on the bottom slot.

Will there be any conflict by having two nvme 980s running? I also have a 2080 Ti.
Concerned about number of PCIe lanes being used. Will there be enough for a second nvme ssd?

Everything I can find seems to suggest only the top will be sata and the bottom is the true nvme

Level 12
You can set both slots to PCIE at the same time, and they can both use 4 PCIE lanes. Note that when M2_2 is set to PCIEx4 mode, SATA ports 5 and 6 are disabled (Owner's Manual page x). M2_1 is the slot that has 4 lanes direct to the CPU.

I have a Max X Hero Wifi with 2 NVME drives installed - a 980Pro in M2_2 slot (OS drive) and a 970Pro in M2_1 slot. Both are running at X4.