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To bios or not to bios ?

Level 7
Hi I have finished my new pc build at last after many months of saving up euros …. now the fun part i would like to overclock my system to 4,4Ghz should I update bios from 0905 to 1005 version or not ?
How do I update correctly with usb stick or via internet must I rename some file and where ?
Asking all this because I looked up the bios version that is recommended in the asus list and it refers to the 1005 for the cpu I have got .

CPU 9900K SOCKET 1151


RAM G-SKILL 32GB (3600C17-16GTZKW) 17-19-19-39

Thank you !

Level 7

i put the bios yesterday on my codexi. fels the same. 5.0 at 130 using automatic core. is not oc. but works ok. Here is what i am using on my 9900k
XMP1 (3200 16/18/18/28
asus multicore enable remove limits
CPU auto
current limit 255.75 cache 45 (both)
Cpu core volt 1.30
dram 1.35
vccio vccia 1.21250
CPU PM 4095/auto/4095

and that is it

5.0 all cores stable. csm disable uefi type os fans pwm turbo and pump is adjusted on PWM with the asus aio. for me is ok. i can try later but making another adjustment is not worth. since i will get like 200 points that is not notable. maybe get what 4s faster?

so far is ok since i am doing some work with asus on a app (as many know) these settings are, at least ok. so far.

Level 7
Thank you friend I will click and read the link you posted and get back to you … I don't really wana go 5,0 seems an overkill for me.

Why dose my old pc feel faster than the new one WTF lol ya so I was wondering whats going on ?

Level 7
I am fine so far so I will keep the bios as it is will not update yet thank you for the info tho .