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Thoughts on Maximus z390 1401 Bios

Level 9
Since i cant find the thread for bios update on z390(where ppl sharing thoughts on the bioses) and i see there is a new bios for Code ... i appriciate if someone share thoughts on this bios , since the last 2 or 3 versions where not very good.

It took a while to redo the overclock after updating to 1401.. Still running fine with 1.3v instead of 1.28v

I hope asus team works really hard to develop a new bios focused in performance only.

Just thought I'd share an update I sold my Gskill Trident Z Royal F4-4266C19D-16GTRG for a profit for what I got them for and hate rgb anyway.

I then recenlty bought 2x8gb sticks of the Patriot Viper 4400mhz. So disappointed at first wouldn't even boot at xmp and best I could run it at was 4000mhz tighter timings stable. Tried older 0602 bios as some had luck with that and even worse. Went back to 1302 and with tweaking got it up to 4200mhz but not stable.

I was reading about T Topology on the Extreme and thought ah why not just add another 2 sticks of the Patriot Viper 4400mhz..........well they came today and just installed them and bam now I can get into windows at 4400mhz. Not stable yet though still tuning.

Too top it off I had this weird issue previously on 1302 bios where I could turn off the rgb when pc was off but that would only last one power up and shut down then bios would always seem to turn it back on. Flashing with usb to old bios then back to 1302 seems to have fixed that problem now too so after changing the settings for it the rgb stays off when pc is off.