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Thoughts on Maximus z390 1401 Bios

Level 9
Since i cant find the thread for bios update on z390(where ppl sharing thoughts on the bioses) and i see there is a new bios for Code ... i appriciate if someone share thoughts on this bios , since the last 2 or 3 versions where not very good.

porterballs wrote:
I would also like to know! I'm running a XI hero with 9900KS

the update BIOS 1401 has an update for the i9 9900ks CPU if you check out the changelog. It might be a good idea to update just for that reason alone. My system max xi extreme is running good with 1401 update from when it was first published at ASUS support page for my mobo.

Level 8
There are some posts on here warning about upgrading to the 1401 bios. I have the 9900KS chip too. I did the upgrade to 1401 and had problems overclocking my 9900KS to anything over 5.2 It can also give you memory issues if your overclocking your memory. I ran 1401 for about 3 days, trying to tweak my bios settings. After having not very good results I went back to the 1302 bios. Not all motherboards let you go back to a older bios file. Mine does. If your on the 1302 bios and having no issues, I would NOT update to the 1401 bios. Its way to buggy right now. This is just my personal opinion, if you don't oc your 9900k or 9900ks chip over 5.2, and don't oc your memory very high, then it might run fine for you. But the 1302 bios is much better than the latest 1401 on my 9900KS chip.

Level 8
If anyone wants to know how to use the Bios Switch on their motherboard, here is the step by step instructions.
On the Asus Apex XI the bios leds are in center of the board. Impossible to see the bios lights if you have a 2080Ti 3 slot card.

How to switch from BIOS 1 to BIOS 2.

1. Turn on the Power Supply but not the motherboard
2. Press the BIOS_SWITCH
3. Look for the BIOS_LED to check which one currently using either BIOS1 or BIOS2
4. Turn on the motherboard and boot to the bios.

+1, 1401 is buggy if your not running default settings.

After hearing about all the stability issues folks were having after updating from 1302 I was hesitate to try 1401, but reading the change log for 1401,.. I was interested in seeing improved memory overclocking, and adjustment of the Tjmax parameter when using i9-9900KS.

Before updating I was 100% stable at 5.3GHz 1.35V, and running 4600MHz memory in XMP mode. With 1401 same settings are unstable and memory will not boot in XMP at 4600MHz. So not sure what they mean "Improve Memory overclocking rules"

I spent a few days running CPU @ default settings, and 2x8GB memory at 4133MHz with no issues 100% stable, I tried 2x16GB 4000MHz memory kit and could not boot in XMP or manual settings, and same 2x16GB kit worked fine with 1302 BIOS in XMP mode.

For my system the 1401 BIOS does not offer any performance improvement, memory overclocking is also not improved.

Nothing wrong with 1401 here on my 9700k @5ghz all cores, been rock solid this last week.

Level 9
I have it from few days on my xI code and everything is fine.

Did ASUS release any explanation regarding the last update?*

Level 7
I have 1302 on Maximus XI Code. And 9900KS. I had a lot of work to get good & cool work on stock settings. Everything on "AUTO" gave me high temps, downclocks etc.
Now its ok - I found quite good settings. But I set AVX scentario to max 4.6GHz - do You use this offset for AVX?
Can You paste your 9900KS BIOS setups? I dont want to OC over 5GHz. I just want to know stock BIOS settings for 5GHz turbo (is enoguh for me). I wonder if 1401 will give me lower temps?

Level 7
1401 unstable +1, From 1201 in Maximus xi formula, 9900K 5G all core sync and 16Gx4 3733 memory was fine but fail to boot after jump to 1401.

Only the memory frequency set to AUTO in bios can boot but this changes frequency to 2133 from 3733! Holy Crap

Level 7
I have just brought up a new-to-me M11 Apex with a 9900KS, Tridentz 2x8 4266 C19, and heavy-duty water cooling. The BIOS is 1401. Everything seems fine at default plus XMP 1.

From reading this thread, I'm still wondering: should I not waste time on 1401, and just load 1302 for OC trials?

Another question: I seem to remember reading that Intel doesn't honor the warranty if the KS is run above 5 GHz; true? Thanks.