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switching to nvme (hero xi wifi)

Level 8
so i have an ssd with windows 10. (sata) and im wanting to get a nvme drive...most likely a 1 or 2 tb. i want this to go as painless as possible. i use my pc mainly for games.
should i install everything on my new drive including os?
im thinking of getting the kingston kc3000 which is a pcie 4.0. im assuming it will work or should i get a pcie 3.0 drive since this mb doesnt support 4.0
any advice is greatly appreciated..thank you

Level 8
hey thanks for the replies! came here thinking this was the place to get info..that wont happen again

Level 9
I would use the m.2 for the OS and some of it form games and programs, then use the old drive for storage, games and apps. You can just mix it up. I had the same board up until recently, I popped in the m.2 drive, booted the machine up and then used macrium reflect to clone my ssd windows partition to the new m.2. Once that finished, i rebooted, went into bios and set the boot drive to the m.2, saved the bios and restarted. After testing everything out while running windows on the new drive i formatted the old drive and used it as storage

Level 8
awesome,thank you!