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Stuck on rog logo for around 5 mins before booting into windows 10

Level 7
Hey guys..having a issue with my custom gaming rig.Built my rig around two years ago and all was ok...It normally takes around 2-3secs to boot...since of late,when is stuck at the rog splash screen for a good 2-3 mins..up to 5 mins before booting into windows..when it boots into works fine with no issues..even trying to get into the bios pressing the del or f1 button isnt responding after around 2-5mins later..i did most things...disconnected all drives and tried to boot..same problem,i ran repair boot,ran diagnostics on the drives and no problems found,i updated all drivers and also the bios drivers and still having the issue..swapped around ram..same problems..Any sugessions as to what you think my issues maybe?

I have a rog strix z390 e gaming mobo

16g ram

500g ssd

8 gigs nvidia gtx 1070ti