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Strix Z390F won't accept 2x16GB RAM sticks?

Level 10
I have a Strix Z390-F. I have 2 sticks of Corsair LPX 3200mhz RAM that run fine. But now I have 2 sticks of 16GB DDR4 (Skhynix unbranded) and no matter what I try, the board won't boot with 1 or both of these RAM sticks. The yellow RAM light stays on and I can not get to BIOS. I did reset BIOS settings to Auto, Manual, DDR 2133mhz, etc but no go.

Does this board support 16GB sticks? Is it possible then that this RAM (from a Dell XPS) just won't work in my Z390-F?

Level 7
I have two Team Group 16gb memory modules in mine. Are your on the list of approved moduels?
Asus Strix Z390-F, Intel i9 9900k, 32gb Team Group Night Hawk RGB, Corsair ML120 Pro RGB Premium AIO, be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W, AMD Vega 56, Lian Li Alpha 500X RGB, Sabrent Rocket Q 1TB NVMe

Level 10
I got it working. Required CMOS jumper reset. They are unbranded sticks. All good!