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Strix Z370-H BIOS Rollback

Level 7

I have a question regarding BIOS. Something went awry with my system recently. A little background - I do a lot of audio transcoding and recently the speed at which it encodes has halfed or worse at times. It's always run at around 495-500x conversion speeds. Currently I'm only getting ~200-250x. A weird metric of performance, I know, but this is something I do frequently and it's adding a lot of extra time to my work. Upon starting conversion the process halts for 3-5 seconds when it should be beginning absolutely immediately. The progress bars of each file stutter constantly instead of moving fluidly like normal.

For comparison I have a 12 year-old HP box (i7-870, 16GB) with the same OS, Windows Updates, audio codecs/versions, audio conversion program/version installed. It continues to run perfectly. ~200x speed as it always did, starts immediately, and progress bars fill smoothly. My custom-built $1,500 box shouldn't be performing this task at the same speed as this old HP.

The only thing I've changed recently besides the weekly Windows Updates was updating the BIOS from what it shipped with (purchased July 2018) to the most recent 2203. I rolled the BIOS back to 1801 with no change. The problem is I can't roll back any further than that. I get the "not a proper BIOS file" message with all 8 CAPs older than 1801. Conversely, it will accept any of the 5 newest CAPs including 1801.

Did ASUS do this on purpose so as to not let users go back too old? Do the CAPs need to be named something specific to work? I need to do it for troubleshooting purposes. I know my board shipped with something older than 1801 as that was released 12/14/18 and I purchased it 07/18/18. How can I go back?


  • Windows 10 Pro
  • i7-8700K
  • 32GB 2400 G.Skill Ripjaws V
  • WD Black 500GB NVMe (OS)
  • WD Black 2TB HDD (where conversion takes place)

Level 7
Or can anyone help with how to open a support ticket with ASUS? I literally just spend 20 minutes following like 10 different links on their "Support" pages and can't find it. "Chat With Us" does not bring you to a chat page.

I simply want to load a currently publicly available ASUS distributed BIOS onto one of their motherboards I paid them $160 for. This should not be this hard.

Seems like asus doesn't care about his customers. Last asus motherboard for me anyway. If you ever find how to rollback i ll be also glad to know