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Strix z370 F gaming QVL changed, asus cheats on ddr4 4000 compatibility

Level 7
Strix z370 F gaming QVL changed, new version online is the 2017/12/29
Asus cheats on ddr4 4000 compatibility, now the company detele the support meanwhile the specs tells that this mb supports ddr4 4000
this is a big cheat from asus . Check all z370 qvl updated to see if something 's changed on yours.

Level 8
The new QVL list on the Z370-E doesn't make any sense. It's called "4DIMM_memory_QVL_report" but it still lists kits that doesn't support 4 dimms and leave out some kits that did support 4 dimms on the older QVL report. Also, how they tested 8 x 16GB of memory on a board with 4 dimm slots I have no idea.
And yeah, the new report is missing 4000mhz all together, also jumps from 3000 to 3866mhz skipping all inbetween.

At this point I have no idea what Asus is doing.

Thanks for the update OP, you made me check the updated QVL for my z370-F.

Asus has removed T-Force Nighthawk ram from the updated list:

But i can confirm the motherboard bios and external sensors can detect it i.e. CPU-Z.

Why remove a compatible ram ASUS?