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Strix Z370-E DTS Connect

Level 7
Does DTS Connect not work on Windows 10 (x64 v1709 build 16299.64)? I've installed (several times) the latest drivers from the Asus web site for the onboard audio but there are zero options for DTS Connect and the Sonic Studio 3 software says that Sonic Studio effects (including surround sound) are not supported on the device (it's connected via TOSLink cable to an Onkyo receiver).

I've contacted Asus support via email on this issue but I keep getting the same response. 'Go get the latest driver and reinstall them'. As I said... I've done that several times.

Level 7
I'm also having loads of trouble getting Dolby, DTS or anything other than 2 channel sound to work on my Z370-I. Asus support blames the problem on Windows 10.

The exact quote was "It is windows 10 limitation, MS does not support multi channel digital audio unfortunately."

And here I thought one of the selling points of these motherboards would be good sound... 😞

I posted a question about this and the Z370-F and Z370-E. today. Only one person has replied but gave me a link to modified drivers. It got me interested and ended reading here that the Crosshair 6 Hero mobos had that option but at some point the new drivers disabled it and added a notice about it where the options are.

It really sounds like ASUS won't enable it again. I'm curious if the official Realtek driver would work. Have you tried them instead of the ones from ASUS?

I'm still deciding between the Z370-F (or E) and the Prime Z370-A which has DTS Connect support listed in the specification sheet.

It seems that most manufacturers don't care about people with good amps/speaker setups using optical output and wanting stero to 5.1/7.1 encoding from their motherboards.

Level 13
Yes, dts connect is being phased out by a lot of vendors, and I don't think we're too far away from seeing boards without analogue 5.1/7.1 outputs. Most good amps can upscale a stereo stream. Both my receivers can. Better than that, I use Out Of Your Head with good headphones. Does a convincing job of surround without the clutter of an external setup.