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SS3 Not Supporting Digital Audio Devices

Level 7
Okay so this is a surprise to me but even though I do think the software has some great features, it's all rendered useless for digital audio? Not sure why but okay so that leaves me with this question.

My main issue is that if you choose to hook up your devices optically, you loose all control of fine tuning the sound quality. In other words, no eq control. So what choices do I have then since SS3 is embedded with the driver or is the driver?

On a side note , why is this even an issue in the first place? Why Asus would have it only fully support analog does not make sense at all.

Appreciate it!

Level 12
It's because they assume when you are using the S/PDIF that you are connected to a stereo receiver with an EQ and other sound adjustments built in.

When using the speaker setting rather than digital then you have the EQ and other sound adjustments because it's assumed you would be using a Logitech type speaker system with built in amp etc.