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Sonic Studio 3 and Star Citizen

Level 7
Sonic Studio 3, is getting in the way

If Device Routing is enabled, in Sonic Studio 3 then Star Citizen will not see your VOIP any "Default Communication Device" the drop down box is unavailable. You have no hope of using SC Voip in game while Device Routing is enabled, that's if your lucky enough to get VOIP to work in SC.

The only way for Star Citizen to see any of your "Default communication device" is to disable Device Routing in Sonic Studio 3.

And to add to the woes of using Sonic Studio 3, Voicemeeter and Virtual cable around for years can't use Sonic Studio 3 well if Device Routing is enabled.
Since Sonic Studio Effects disables everything expect "Gaming" for me at least, no music, no communication they're unavailable. Would be nice if Sonic Studio 3 could play well with others it has been out for awhile. My default headset and mic both (non USB) are fine in every other game and application with Device Routing enabled, just SC that spits the dummy.

If there is a solution, in the works, please tell.