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Setting up i7 8700 (non K)

Level 7

I just built my new PC and bought a 8700 CPU with Z370-F mobo. Can you help me how to set it up in the BIOS(UEFI)? I have a good liquid cooling Corsair H115i which keeps the temp quite low. I have set BCLK to 102.5 which boosted a bit a highest clock. I am wondering now if I can somehow increase the power limit in the BIOS(UEFI)? It cuts power to 65W after some time and the frequency drops to 3.2GHz and then the temps keep at around 50C.
I saw an option to change it in XTU but maybe it is better to do it directly at UEFI?

I know there is not much I can change with the non K version but still few settings can be change, can you share your settings? I do not want to leave everything to AUTO.

Level 10
What you're doing by modifying the BCLK is overclocking, you got the wrong processor period. Keep doing what you're doing and you're essentially at risk to permanently damage both your motherboard and cpu. You need to stop, now.

Why is that? I only have locked multiplier but other stuff is durable and the power limits are only a matter of cooling which I have provided. I just want to improve a "turbo boost" which turns off after short time due to power limitation.

Level 10
cause it's a non-overclockable processor and you're trying to overclock it. You do the math 😛

Ch3vr0n wrote:
cause it's a non-overclockable processor and you're trying to overclock it. You do the math 😛

yeah but the K stands for unlocked multiplier mostly (slightly higher base clock but that's nothing), I did not touch multiplier only BCLK and very slightly.
My question was more about those power limitations after some time of full load. It is reduced to 95W after some seconds and then to 65W after like 30sec.

OK I did give more TB power (to 90W) and short power max to 160W with longer time period, now it do not Power Throttle and stays at the boost clock of 4.4GHz all the time, temp is around 60 (package temp, it jumps all the time 53-67C)

Level 12
Read through this:
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