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ROG Z390 Gaming E problem

Level 8
Hello, new here so if i post in wrong section please move it to where it belongs.

Have purchased MB from title for my kids, build system, win etc, all was fine. After install and run of Asus AI Suite 3 and intelligent overclock, i can't access BIOS anymore.
F2, Del key, nothing works. System boots with monitor off ( no BIOS messages, no prompts, no ROG splash screen, just monitor in power saving mode ) until login screen of Win10 pops up.
Tried to clear CMOS by jumper, took out battery for half an hour, tried to flash BIOS thru EZ update in AI Suite ( shows BIOS version, immediately after i press UPDATE asks for reboot and then boots again with monitor off )...
Tried to use FlashBack BIOS, with 16GB flash drive in every port on back, nothing happens, flash drive blinks several times and then boots back to WIn10.
Uninstalled AI SUite but no change.
Tried to put any image as splash with MyLogo, that works neither...

Any way to revert all back? How to access BIOS now?
Current version of BIOS is this one, i believe is latest: ROG-STRIX-Z390-E-GAMING-ASUS-1302.CAP

Thanks and regards,

Could be the keyboard isn't initialized during boot? I would try a different keyboard.
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Not sure because i see keyboard lights, numlock on, etc. But keyboard blinks once, then second time and windows is up.
During that time, screen is off ( power saving mode ), no splash screen, no post messages, nothing, just screen in power saving.
It takes maybe 10 sec or less form power on to windows logon screen, which is very fast.
Kids play Fortnite today all day long, 170FPS, no problems, max cpu temp was 40something...
Perfect working machine, if we forget about BIOS, but i want my BIOS back:)

If you disconnect the storage it won't be able to do that. At least if you get a missing drive error you may be able to test the keyboard.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

Level 8
Thanks for advice, will try that and will try to disconnect CPU fan, it should invoke POST error.

Level 7
Hey i am having the same exact issue but on a asus rog strix x570 E Mobo, it's really annoying that we cant get into bios to do simple trouble shoot . I have tried all those steps aswell and still can't get it to post or get into bios, please if you find a fix let me know!

Sorry for late update, but I was on business trip.

Here is what I did: power off, AC cord out, battery out, GPU out, wait 30 min, shorten CMOS or NV clear pins for 10.sec and then shorten pins in battery holder.
Then put battery in, HDMI to onboard connector ( gpu still out ), power AC in and power on.... And splash screen and BIOS F2 or Del works...

Then powered off, GPU in, HDMI back to GPU, all works

Thanks for good tips.