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Rog Strix z490-e Gaming. No "pitch change" options in new realtek drivers

Level 7
Hi there! First, sorry for my english.
I have just upgraded from an i7 920 in an Asus P6x58D Premium mobo to an i7 10700k in a Asus Rog Strix z490-e Gaming mobo. I haven't reinstalled windows and it seems all runs fine for now.

In my old system, with the Realtek ALC889 codec I had an option to change the pitch of the audio in realtime. Quality was awful but this was a VERY useful tool for me, since I'm a music and guitar teacher and sometimes I have to play youtube songs (or other music stuff) with the pitch changed (due to alternative tunings, alternative tuning or chords, and other "musical" wordiness ...) in order to help my students to play those songs.

NOW, in my new system, I have tons of effects and software (bloatware? :rolleyes:), but there is not an option to change the audio pitch in the main output. YES IT IS in the "realtek optical output", which makes use of optical output...which I don't use". The option is missing in the main analog output (in my case called "speakers")

Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!