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ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING M.2 cooling

Level 7
The ROG STRIX Z390-E has dual onboard M.2 heatsink and also 1 x M.2_FAN connector.


1) It’s more efficient to setup the M.2 fan on top of the exiting on board heatsink ? Or they exclude each other?

2) In the printscreen attached, the spots marked with red arrows are designed for m.2 fan mount?

3) Why are the original on board heatsink more efficient than aftermarket products ? I guess that they have on board screws for better mount. Otherwise, I would be better off with, with only one heatsink.

4)Am I missing something, or this mobo is the only one from ATX z390 series, with dual m2. heatsink? So far I've noticed that ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming, ASUS Prime Z390-A has a single on board m.2 heatsink, and ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING, ROG STRIX Z390-H GAMING has doesn’t have at all.

Thank you!

Level 10
I have the z390-F b/c I didn't need wi-fi. But the F also excludes the smaller m.2 heatsink. I do notice a big temp different in the m.2 in the larger slot w/included heat sink compare to the exposed m.2 slot near the cpu, almost 9 deg. I wish I could find and buy just the smaller heat sink cover included w/the E model.

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for some weird reason i believe that most people forget to remove the sticker on the nvme drive before they install the drive under the m2 heatsink ))
its like installing a cpu cooler with the factory sticker still attached to the coolers bottom plate