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ROG Strix Gaming with triple monitors on integrated gfx?

Level 7
Hi Everyone,

I am building a new workstation and I'd like to make it compact and quiet, yet powerful for compilations and running virtual machines. I do *zero* gaming, but ironically I am looking at the ROG Strix Gaming mobo as an ideal choice. Mainly because it appears to support 3 monitors with the built-in graphics. I have 3 monitors (Viewsonic, less than a year old) that all have HDMI and one of them has HDMI and DVI (none of them have Displayport). I just want a basic 1920x1080 (their native resolution) at 60Hz on all 3. Is there any reason that this would be an issue with the integrated graphics? From what I have read I may have to buy an active Displayport to HDMI adapter (powered by USB), but would that be the extent of the concerns?

Also, would using the integrated graphics for desktops put any real load on the CPU? I'm trying to minimize fans in this machine (no overclocking, ideally no graphics card) but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by avoiding a graphics card's heat/noise only to move that problem over to the CPU.

Thanks for your time!

Level 7
It would work, with such a board and cpu config i would at least suggest you a 1050 ,you can get them fairly cheap ,some model like the zotac mini are nearly silent . It would give you the opportunity to play some game and get better monitor down the road. Use to be a multiple monitor guy until i switched to wide screen,cant live without it now .

Level 7
Thanks for the reply! I had started my plan by looking at cards like that. I found several for $130 or so that had 3 outputs. But in the end I just couldn't rationalize how it would improve the system - for my usage - in any way. It's just more money, more noise, more heat, more power draw, and seemingly the same end result in terms of what resolution I'd be using (my old eyes can't utilize much beyond 1920x1080 anyway). When I say I don't game, I mean like never ever. Not even solitaire lol. If I did, even occasionally, I would certain go for a dedicated gfx card.

Your cpu will generate slighty more heat,since the integrated graphic is within the cpu an intel uhd 630. Only other suggestion i could give you is to delid your cpu and use liquid metal,worth the extra effort.