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ROG MAXIMUS X HERO + i9 9900K and Stock Settings

Level 7
Hello ROG Community just a simple question.

I've just upgraded my 8700K to 9900K and I want to run it at the stock speeds. I don't want to OC it, at least not for now, since I'm only gaming.
So I enabled the XMP Profile (Trident Z 16GB 3200C14) and I pressed "Yes" to the dialog following the XMP Profile choice, which I guess turns MCE on auto?

Is that enough?

Or do I have to enable XMP Profile, select "No" at the dialog that follows it and turn MCE from Disable to Auto instead?

I also manually changed VCCIO and VSA Voltages to 1.1 from AUTO.

Kind regards

PS. My Cooler is CORSAIR H115i PRO RGB (280mm Radiator) Push/Pull, front mounted configuration

Level 7
I have the XI Hero + 9900k. I've noticed that the auto values for some settings unexpectedly change as soon as you enable XMP. In particular, the IA AC/DC loadline values (not loadline calibration) changes from stock value of 1.2 mOhms to 0.01 mOhms. This makes VID and Vcore levels drop from what they are with optimized defaults (assuming you are not using fixed manual Vcore setting). Also I think LLC auto setting jumps from 2 (optimized defaults) to 5.

Level 7
Which settings should I change if I wanted to OC @ 5GHz and XMP Enabled?*

TheTiesThatBind wrote:
Which settings should I change if I wanted to OC @ 5GHz and XMP Enabled?*

I guess that would depend if you want a adaptive or manual/fixed OC (Simpler but adaptive is superior, just harder to configure)