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Request help with motherboard and memory Extender !

Level 7

Dear reader, please help me !

I have Asus Rog Maximus XI Code, Core I9 9900KS, 32 GB Hyper X 4000ghz, Asus RTX 3080 OC 10 GB, and today i bought the

Hyper m.2 x 4x 16 card Extender.

So my issue is - I bought 2x ssd samsung evo 970 for 2 tb (4 tb in total)

Installed correctly - (at least fan is working) went to bios, in advanced and bot tab enabled this features about pci slots. For some reason i can see only 1 of 2 new ssd-s in my new expansion card. Also, in my Maximus 11 code MB there are 2 M2 sots. I'm using them also. In slot 1 i have samsung 970 pro 500 gb, for slot 2 inside of motherboard i have samsung 970 pro 1 tb.

So in total i have 500 gb + 1tb + this new 1/2 ssd's which is working correct. I could open it in discmgmt and create a new rom so no issue. Is there any limits for this thing/motherboard ?

Maybe someone can help with advice because i'm stuck. basicly there is 4 ssd-s but just 3 of them working. Anything i can add let me know but please help me somone. I'm so angry that even messed up with my nickname.


Level 7

Topic can be closed. Figured it out.