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Ram problems

Level 7
I have a 9900k, maximus xi hero, and 32gb of Corsair LPX DDR4 3200.

I have been using XMP since I built the machine without a hitch.

One month ago I noticed that the computer started retraining my ram almost every time I would turn the computer on.

This problem slowly inflated until I find myself in the current position: At the advertised speed of the ram, whether manually entered or XMP selected, the motherboard demands 1.4v to the ram, and 1.35v to both the vccio and sa.

This still results in an unstable overclock.

Everything works fine at 2133 defaults.

I fear something may be failing in my system, any input would be most appreciated!

Level 12
Replace your BIOS battery. See if the issue persists.