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Questions about audio drivers, dts/dd, stereo upmix, UDA/HDA and a few others.

Level 7
Hello. I have a Strix Z370-E and I've been using a dedicated sound card since the mobo launched because of the issues and sneaky removal of DTS/DD capabilities from Asus software. It's been like a year since I last tried the onboard audio but now I want to try it again because I've been having issues with the dedicated, which is a Sound Blaster Zx. Some of the channels are not correctly being output or some times some of them are quieter than others (think of front right being quieter than surround right, etc).

Now onto the questions since I searched the forums for a bit and saw that now Asus has UAD drivers and the software is on the Microsoft Store. I also saw there were some drivers being posted by a person but their post got deleted after a misunderstanding/argument.

  • Where can I download the latest drivers? I saw a thread here pointing to mydigitallife
  • Are the drivers posted my Mokichu there able to upmix stereo to 5.1 surround? If not, does a solution exist today for this? Same for Dolby Digital and/or DTS.
  • Anyone running the latest from Asus website, Are they UAD or the regular ones? Can they upmix/encode stereo to 5.1?

Sorry if this is too much to ask but I would really appreciate any advise on how to catch up to the latest audio drivers stuff. It's been a long while since I was involved searching, installing ,etc and I'm lost at the moment.

Basically, I want to install the latest UAD if possible and want to know if there's a solution to upmix/encode stereo to 5.1 channels using digital output. I see that the UAD drivers can work with an app called DTS Ultra from the MS Store on another thread but I don't know what the capabilities of it are. This encode option was present in the first releases of audio drivers and Sonic Studio and they got removed for all ROG/Strix mobos after the 370 models got released. I saw a screenshot of the Sonic Studio app from the MS store that has an option called "Upmix/Surround". Is this the option to encode stereo to 5.1? would be great if it is.

Thanks in advance.

Level 7
Oh, dear... I have the same MoBo and similar questions. I have the lasted UAD drive I downloaded sometime ago, no DTS. I patched it but the new Windows version ruined it. No idea how to get DTS from it. I have an analogic 5.1 Logitech sound system. In the past, when I had a dedicated sound card, things were really better. I like to watch movies, Sonic Studio helps a little.