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Purchased gskill F4-3200C16D-32GTZRX AMD optimised

Level 7
Hi all,

I currently have a Maximus X Hero WiFi z370 board and purchased gskill *F4-3200C16D-32GTZRX 32gb kit. I didn’t realise this kit is AMD optimised and would like to know if I’ll have issues with this kit once installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Level 40
Can you return it with out much hassle? If yes then do so. If no try it first see how it goes and if you have hassles setting the memory up then return.

Those sticks have been programmed for AMD and while they should work there is that "should" in the room...
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

I could return them but it’s a bit of a hassle. What are the chances of the memory not working?

Level 12
It will work, but XMP profiles may not function as expected and overclocking manually might be fidgety (that's a ladies word, I'm aware of that). It will most likely be unable to reach the advertised 3200 Mhz just like the RAM used in Ryzen systems not on the QVL. I agree with the above. Exchange it if you can.
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