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Problem with recreating RAID after motherboard change

Level 7
I have problem with recreating RAID.

I changed motherboard. Exactly this same model - ASUS MAXIMUS X. I have previously RAID-1 created with Intel RST options entered by CTRL+I on BIOS POST. Worked well.
After changing mb I set in UEFI, SATA Mode for "Intel RST WIth Intel Optane System Acceleration (RAID)". Then I pair previously set pair of disks for RAID-1. After that I was asked by Windows 10 for setting MBR or GPT in Disk Management app - I set GPT. Than in Windows app Intel RST I did RAID initialization or activation (I do not remember exactly - It took some time).
Now I see in Windows Disk Management this RAID as Intel Raid 1 Volume, Disc 4, Basic, Unallocated. I do not see it in Windows Explorer. I tought that after initialization I will have RAID fully recreated.
What should I do to have all my data back visible on that RAID. I am aware to make step too far so I do not made already "New simple volume" to not loose my data. Should I make this step or rather dismountle this RAID in BIOS, mount its disks separately and copy data and then once again try to set RAID?

Also, I can not enter during BIOS POST CTRL+I Intel RAID option.

Maximus Hero X
Latest BIOS: 1601
SATA Mode set in UEFI for "Intel RST WIth Intel Optane System Acceleration (RAID)"
Created in UEFI two 2TB HDD RAID-1