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POST / BIOS not displayed on GPU after BIOS update

Level 7
I updated the bios on my Z390-F this morning and since then both POST and BIOS do not show on monitors plugged into GPU (MSI Ventus 3080). System boots fine and once windows login screen apears display is fine however prior to this I get no display. Plugging a monitor into onboard will show POST and BIOS ok but not a suitable long term option as don't want to be swapping cables around each time I want to change a BIOS setting especially now as I need to redo all my OC settings.

Anyone have any ideas? Tried searching but just end up with 101 results about PCs not posting.

Level 8
i have the same motherboard and have never had this issue, do you have your onboard drivers installed? or is there a way to disable in bios

Level 8
do you have the monitor on a hdmi or Display port i had this problem once when i had it on display port, trying to think what i did to fix it but cant LOL sorry
CPU: Intel 9900K @4.7 ghz
2 x Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4-3200
C16 BK DC - 16GB
1 x Aurous 2080Super 8GB
1x 500GB Samsung 980 M.2 NVMe
1x 500GB AData 8200pro M.2NVMe
2 X 500 GB SSD
1000w PSU from corsair
Tower Lian Li PC-O11DW Dynamic
1 x dell 34" curved + 1 x 24"
CPU and Motherboard.
NZXT Kraken X73 RG

Yeah find it weird only change was BIOS update, I am guessing I am missing a setting somewhere as everything was reset to default but just cant see it.

On board video is disabled in BIOS, never been used prior.

I have 3 monitors, 2 are plugged into display port and one into HDMI. None show a signal.

Found the issue... turns out I am an idiot!

wolfy you pointed me in right direct, have a Valve index HMD which I normally don't have plugged in. Unplugging that has sorted it out. Weird though as it must have been plugged in as issue happened straight after update and I did the update from within the BIOS. Also strange it shows on onboard with HMD plugged in.

Fixed now though with thanks.