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Possible to view Q-Code externally? (re: maybe using the BIOS header?)

Level 7
I'm using a Maximus X Hero which doesn't have an ROG_EXT or NODE connector. However, it does have a BIOS programming header. Is it possible to use this intercept the BIOS POST codes (Q-Code) so I can display them remotely? (using a microcontroller and display, etc)

Alternatively, if I had Z390 board (Maximus XI Hero) which does have a NODE connector, is the pinout publicly available or are there any other methods to view the Q-Code remotely?

It would also be helpful to view the 4 boot LEDs (DRAM, VGA, BOOT, etc?) remotely but I'm not sure if that can be done either.

Level 12
I have a Max X Hero Wifi and I do not recall, or see in the manual, anything called a Bios Programming header, or called something else but could be a Bios Programming header. Where is this header located?

I also have a Crosshair VIII Dark Hero (X570) that does have a Node header. There is a diagram of the header in the manual but it is just an orientation diagram showing a rectangular header with 2 rows of pins - 6 on the top row and 5 on the bottom (3rd pin from the left is omitted), and Pin 1 is the lower left pin. I assume the view is looking down at the header on the mobo. It does not identify what any of the other pins do.

Here is a picture of it. It's not enough info to solve what you are trying to do but its a start.


Level 7
Thanks very much... I've just purchased a used ASUS Maximus IX Hero which also has the NODE connector.

Does anybody have any information on this connector? (ie. pinouts, documentation, etc)

I've done some research and it seems like that connector supports i2c which outputs the qcode (and other information) so if anybody has that information it would be incredibly helpful.