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Pick my Bios apart: 8700K@5Ghrz #1.305 adapt/ 16Gb@3200 / CIO 1.2 Agent 1.175

Level 10
Hello fellow Over clockers, … .. ?
…. Hello fellow Overclockers ! Damn autocorrect…
As you well know there comes a time where you are finished bumping up the score and you settle for making it a 24/7 stable setting.
A Cinebench score of 1678 5x consecutive times was the pinnacle for my knowledge and the rig at hand.
Below you will find my humble story and my Bios pics.
The general intention is sharing, caring and especially fighting for bios decisions made.
And after the fight we sit together, drink and share our respect for each other having the balls to academically fight for our point of view in the first place.

First of:
I am a big fan of warranty. So, bye-bye delid or removing covers over VRMS.
I switched from a Asus Rampage III Formula with an I7 950 bumped via BLK to 4Ghrz for the last 8.x years. The switch from 8 GB CL13 RAM to 16 was stable but less responsive as I was willing to accept as of march 2018.

So, I changed my:
Mobo: to an: Asus Maximus X Hero Wifi AC
because? An Apex don’t fit my Case (FT02) in Combo with my old CPU Cooler (NH-D14)

CPU: 8700K … why?
Have you seen the roadmap and what it means for gamers?
The solution for me to buy a Z370 Board instead of others was simple.
I did not have the money to buy the best i9 CPU for a X299 board-
🙂 But i did with my z370 board !

… I tell myself what follows was the reason to doll out 1.500 bucks:
The quantum leap to NVME and cheap 1-2 Tb drives at full PCIE 4x speed with an OS installed (and no magnetic harddrive raid to be seen).
Checking my: Samsung Evo 960 on the lower slot 2 with mounted NVME fan I am pleased at the responsiveness AND the temps at full AV load.

1050ti … .. dot #ether-something-something-hater

The rig:

I run Air. BIG AIR. With a 9-Year-old Cooler. And a very helpful case to boot.
spread spectrum is ON - i can't bring it over myself to disable something that helps with interference. And Cinebench likes it by a one digit point margin. But that's me and my rig.
AVX... yeah i run adaptive voltage as you will see and i checked my cores going up and down.
Activating AVX puts an extra .... let's call it "step" into the rhythm the CPU uses whilst stepping up and down. Non AVX CPU Ghrz up and down mind you as well! I personally don't like that extra step.
And i never exceed 130ish pure CPU Watts (rather long term… cough) so no fear there. Never having hit 90 degrees yet helps. Even after 5 hours of AIDA64 stress test.

extra Cooling NVME and VRM:
I have put the extra sweet ASUS VRM fan mount to good use with a 40x40 slim fan using rubber mounts - even the delivered ones do hold. But there are better.
Slim fan (or rather normal fan) helps with dispersion of coolness.
The double long ones do concentrate air more. Since only one side of an NVME Drive gets, really, really hot sometimes under non-gaming, rather professional settings, there may be a config that best is suited for a long 40x40 fan.
I use 2 Noctua 40x40 fans for NVME and VRM – They do not fit into the 3D printed M2 mount without opening up 2 corners with a … we call it carpet knife. Sharp and thin. Very likely to cut oneself if one is in a hurry and ill prepared. Very easy if you think, position well and use what’s there as a knife guide.
Having lost my primo (misused for EVO 960) VRM mount .... to the VRMs i had to cool my EVO 960 1 TB in slot 2 with something else.

3D printed, buyable extra NVME Slot 2 mount:
yeah.... first let me say the 3D supplier is AWESOME!
His package (that went through customs) was faster here than the rest of my kit.
The material is rigid enough to feel proper. Thank the gods it is still soft enough for a DIY screw digging in WITHOUT having the plastic brake.
... .. . BUT:
a) the design is NOT for at least a Asus Maximus X Hero (Wifi AC)
It is for the IX Series I believe.
The big handle ( M2 sign on it) covers ONE MB …power 4pin connector on the Maximus X Hero that I simply wanted to use. Or at least have available if needed.
I use an electric flex (some call it deathwheel) to cut the handle of in 3 seconds to get access to fan power neatly right where the fans sit. Check the pics. You tell me what connector I used. Waterpump?

b) the 2x screw holes are mismatched for standard PC screws (round ringed ones) by 2-3 mm
IF the screws get in full way they bend the plastic
So get a battery powered small drill and bore the existing motherboard mounting holes simply out by laying the piece on a soft and flat piece of wood. Use high speeds and slowly start touching the mount holes. It will heat rather than drill through. CLEAN. Now you can mount it to the board without issues.
Then check the size of the fan mounting holes. The holes do not go through.
Normal PC screws of all sorts need a counter hole which grabs the fine screws in place.
The 3D mount is best suited, imho, concerning the fan mount only!, to be used with normal screws from the DIY store that have lot more bite if screwed into the plastic.
For the plastic to not pop up/break I suggest modifying the fan mount screw holes by drilling same size, but drilling completely through them until you see “daylight” through the hole.
I used what I was having lying around so no specs on screws, sorry.

c) Oh yeah, the 40x40 fan I DID use didn't fit. For better rigidity the 40x40 contact with the mount has been "carved" into the middle part. Giving the fan strength from the left and right side.
The fan should fit into the carved out hold. Mine did not. Thank god you can carve the material like wood with a sharp knife.
Cornerwise I made a 2x sharp corners out of round ones. An L out of the O .. so to speak.
The noctua fan finally did sit perfectly and has been screwed in with 2 DIY store screws, intended to be used inside a plastic “screw anchor” (says the translation programme).
Germans call the screw anchor “Dübel or “Duebel”.
(Insert “Duebel” joke here)

d) checking to have the same humidity (61%) and the same ambient room temp (18degree) i went from 22 degree to 24 between VRM mount and 3D mount in idle settings on the lower sM2 slot.

! Dear community kindly build a better 3D-M2 Mount!
WE...YOU can do it!

e) Something positive: 🙂 the misused VRM mount on the lower M2 slot was in the way of my old soundcard i had to put in.....HAD TO PUT IN MIND YOU TO BE FINALLY AT PEACE! GrmL…

So Is it worth the money buying an ... IX (is it ?) part for a X board and having to heavily modify it to pure ugliness to be … stay cool, NVME wise?
If you use a lower PCIE slot with a medium to long card: yes
And it will still beat the temps on any other M2 solution currently offered.
As far as i could find out and test myself of course.
And that was the Air part.

Power: a 1000W 9x year old corsair blue
I run rich voltages (see pic “Monitor Voltage” below) since there is no 2080/1185 to buy....YET..
(but Jiggly Bells is only 8 months away)
So, no real workload for the PSU possible at the moment with my 1050ti…. #etherwhateverhater

Observation: Many people with OC problems do not run “on spec” or rich 3.3, 5 + 12 Volt lines….

Case: 9-Year-old Silverstone Fortress FT02 90-degree bend.... so to speak. The whole Floor is 3x180mm fans which love ASUS bios fancontrol.
! Fancontrol !: Do it in bios.
I love me some AI suite. But since 60 mb at least STAY after uninstall and a background fantask persist after uninstall (which you will get rid of after surfing this forum) i feel like my OS was "tainted". And on a brand new build.
That is ONLY ME an MY FRIGGIN WONKINESS speaking. .... But i did reinstall Windows since AI suite is a proper pimped up tool that gives control to about almost anything. ..... So if it already did not uninstall properly (Look at your c: drive ), then there simply is no confidence that the suite gave control back properly after deinstalling.

Do whatever you like to do with AI suite. CPU&RAM Overclocking is very precise and user friendly.
And things you did not think of even are at your disposal!
It is so easy to use. It gives good background infos.
One of those many features is the great overall fancontrol par excellence!
No friggin other manufacturer has such a well thought out fan control in Bios and Windows
.... IN THE World!

But be warned that it leaves at least breadcrumbs after deinstall.

Another day I will delete the ranting parts and put more data in.

Until then enjoy the pics:
ps: What you don’t see is probably on factory settings.


Level 10

.. had one of those cheap sensors ... playdoh glued to different parts of the VRM enclosure. Parts i could get to really.
Very unscientific setup. I am not worried in MY Rig. Will refrain from postin though.

glam shots may come later.
Ones in Focus definetely will!