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Pci-e running only in x2 3.0!

Level 9
I tried manually selecting pci-e gen 3 in BIOS, yet 2 programs show it is running in pci-e x2 3.0 mode. I have Geforce 2070 super wtf??? Motherboard Asus z390-i gaming. It is in pci-e x2 3.0 even in game with high gpu usage... What the heck??? Also i did 3dmark test and my score is a lot lower than it was...

EDIT: so it showed, it was 1 tiny dust particle inside pci-e slot. I have had it with this brand, never buying anything again from ASUS. I was scammed into buying this garbage:
It has gigantic I/O shield blocking pci-e express slot and you can't install larger gpu than 1060 HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...
Support linked me some mysterious link, where is gpu supported list, i didn't find it on product site and it is nowhere written there!!! Also i read multiple reviews...
It should be on the first page in big red font!!! Because even in computer specialized shop, they never heard about it, that you couldn't install any gpu to pci-e slot! It is absolutely ridiculous!!! Because this is not normal, it should be listed on main page at least... You buy 250$ mobo, which has in name gaming you would expect it, to be for gaming! No one would ever expect, you can't install there any other gpu than potato gpu... COmplete and utter joke!!!

SO i am stuck on this garbo and every time, 1micron particle flies into my pci-e slot, even i have good case and filter etc. I have to take out gpu vertical mount, which is hard to do and dust with compressed air pci-e slot. GREAT. NEVER EVER BUYING ANYTHING FROM ASUS AGAIN AND I WILL TELL THIS TO EVERYONE... SO garbage, you should pay me for buying this garbage...